I was on vacation and traveling up north with my trailer in tow. About half way up, I heard the brakes start to squeal on my vehicle. After unhooking at the campsite, I drove my truck into town to see how bad the brakes were. They were bad. So bad, they didn’t have all the parts there to fix them. I had to get my truck back to the shop at eight in the morning, and I couldn’t be late because their day was filled with other appointments.

The next morning, I got up with loads of time and even enjoyed a leisurely cup of tea. Then I started to look for my keys. I couldn’t find them! I checked through my clothes. I checked through the truck. I rearranged the whole contents of the backseat to see if the keys were there. I was in panic mode now; I couldn’t miss this appointment! With five minutes to spare, I finally found my keys in my bathing suit. What in the world were they doing there!? I drove like mad down to the shop and made it just in time. Whew!!

Before handing off the truck to the mechanics at the shop, I looked in the back seat for my journal and a book I was planning to read while I waited. They weren’t there. I was sure I put them there! Then it dawned on me. I had put my journal and my book on the roof of my truck when I was looking for my keys. They were somewhere between the campsite and the auto shop. My heart was punctured. I loved my journal and didn’t want to lose it. With a sigh of resignation, I realized there was nothing I could do, so I went to the coffee shop to look through my emails.

After about fifteen minutes at the coffee shop, my computer notified me that I’d received an e-mail from an unfamiliar email address. It read, “This morning I was having one of the worst mornings of my life. I was leaving my home for my sister’s place and strangely enough there were two books on the end of my driveway. A book about God and your journal with your email address in it.” Someone had found my two books, not in a ditch, not on the road, not in the forest but on the end of her driveway during the worst day of her life!!

I emailed her back and she drove to the coffee shop to give the books back to me. We talked in the parking lot and I discovered that she was a believer and she had just “forgot to trust God.” I knelt down by her car window to talk to her. She was holding a little dog in her arms and began to tear up as she was reminded that God had seen her and that he cared. I held her hand and prayed with her as her little dog licked my face. She finally drove off and I eventually sent her a copy of the book I was reading, but the wonder of the hand of God still rings in my heart. God cared so much about one of his children—and so desired that she remember him again—that he had his absent-minded servant drive off with the very two books on the roof that were needed.

Thank you God for caring more than we can possibly fathom and is involved in our days more than we can possibly notice!

2 Comments on “God-Incident”

  1. Beautiful how God lavishes his love on his children! He notices… He cares… He is so very fond of us!

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