The Money Tap

I have been a student for far too many years of my life. One evening, as I was working on yet another paper for school, I had an idea.

Nathan needs money.

Now this was not a voice, just a weird idea out of nowhere. Nathan played lead guitar in our worship band and he had broken a chord the night before. I thought, “Yah, he probably does need some money. He works at a coffee shop and his parents are missionaries.”

That was it. I placed my fingers on the computer keyboard to type some more. Another thought came.

I should do something about Nathan needing the money. I should give him some.

I knew if I start typing again on the keyboard, I would forget I ever had that weird idea out of nowhere. After I struggled over stopping my work, I eventually got up, found a card and wrote, “Hey Nathan, I think this may be from God.” I wrote a cheque for $100 and put it in an envelope. The hardest parts were trying to find his address and eventually driving to a mailbox to mail the thing. I got back to writing my paper hoping that it wouldn’t be too weird for him. The whole process took about 30 minutes.

Three days later, I received a phone call from Nathan’s mom. She thanked me for helping her son. I had to think for a while about what I had done… I forget these kinds of things. She told me that Nathan had been in a crisis of faith and was doubting that there was a God. As a test to see if God was real, he signed his coffee shop paycheque for $24.98 over to another missionary family. In way he was saying, “God, if you are real, show yourself!”

Nathan’s mom told me that he got my cheque for 4 times as much as he gave with the note “from God.” He was now beside his bed, on his knees, crying out to God for ever doubting Him.

That whole thing freaked me out just as much as it did Nathan. That idea was definitely from God, but it wasn’t a voice, it was only a quite thought. I was freaked out that I had come so close to not following through on the idea. I then had this mental picture of people crying out to God all over the world and God working through his body on earth, tapping shoulders, whispering, giving us ideas to give or to help. And I imagined a world of Christians watching T.V. and never acting on the ideas.

Father, I want to be one of your people who acts on every idea for good, whether I can be sure it comes from you or not. I just don’t want to miss one of them!

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