Communion Pic I love communion. I think it reminds us all what is at the center of our lives! At my church we have the communion tables at the back and when people are ready, they go to the tables during the last four songs of our service. This last Sunday, we talked about communion and a young 20-something came in with the saddest look on his face. I welcomed him, but he barely looked up. This was his second week back to church. One of my staff members, Andrew, usually sits with his wife in the service, but a bunch of young people were sitting around her, so he was pushed to the back. He ended up behind this sad young man. After the message, the worship music began and Andrew received a “God-tap,” (which is when an idea or thought pops into your mind that might be from God). Actually, Andrew describes this particular God-tap as a “God-Grab,” which is a stronger version of the same thing! The thought that came to his mind was, “This young man will not take communion because he doesn’t think he is worthy.” The thought would not go away, so Andrew bargained with God, “I will wait until the last song to see if he goes back for communion.” The young man didn’t go back, but he did get up and walk to the restroom. By now, the feeling was so strong that Andrew followed him in. An act of bravery indeed! The guy was just sitting on a bench. He was hiding out. Andrew approached him and told him what he thought God was telling him. The guy’s eyes grew two sizes larger and nodded his head, that it was true. There, sitting on the benches in the guy’s restroom, Andrew discovered that the young man was a believer and that he thought God would never accept him back. Time was ticking away so Andrew quickly described God’s wonderful grace, and how these thoughts of being unforgiveable or too far-gone were actually lies from the evil one. Andrew led him out to the communion tables while the worship continued around them. That’s when I saw the two of them. It was almost like this young man was being led by the hand. Andrew beautifully prayed for him and gently served him communion. Through tears, the young man discovered that Jesus’ sacrifice covers all our sins and can continue to do so throughout our entire lives! Father, the evil one lies to us all, but that’s about all he can do! His lies keep us from drawing near to you. Lord, help me to discern your truth louder than any lie. Remind me to never stop drawing near to you!

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