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Ready or Not

I just finished teaching a workshop at a large youth event and the teens were lined up in order to talk. There were only 15 minutes between my workshop and the next one in the same room. I am friendly, but I kept my answers short. I want always to honor the next presenter, plus […]

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Potty Prayer

I teach at a Seminary and break time usually means busy restroom time. The men’s restroom on the main floor is small, one toilet and two urinals. Cozy. As I was finishing up another man cozied up next to me and started to use the facility. Now, there is an unwritten man-law that you don’t […]

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A Dangerous Beginning

  I was 16 year old church kid trying to be a counselor-in-training at a church camp – an all-boys church camp! I couldn’t have been safer. We weren’t even allowed to talk to the girls who worked in the kitchen (yes, stereotyped roles as well). Everything was safe from any danger… except that we continually asked God […]

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